Is Thermal Energy Renewable?

Is Thermal Energy Renewable?

Is thermal energy renewable? This question is probably often asked nowadays. Yes, with some issues spreading currently particularly related to other energy sources like gasoline which are already limited, it seems that human may need to think about the alternatives.

The thermal energy is basically a sort of energy which is directly resulted from the earth. Sure, if you have learnt about it well, you may know that the center of the earth there is a huge energy source in the form of thermal. Few of them are reaching the surface through volcano activities and the likes. This phenomenon is also known as the tectonic activity. Meanwhile, there are also some other sources of therma energy like those from the sun and also the process of radioactive.

Can It Be Used Effectively?

The scientists recently already start to develop technology that uses natural thermal as the main source. Sure, it is not an easy thing. The thermal caused by tectonic activity as an example, even if the energy resulted is definitely huge; it is quite difficult to be accessed. The mining activity should be done on the areas where the sources are located nearly to the surface. Commonly they are on the areas around tectonic plates.

The bad news is that it is quite risky. As you may already know, such places are known as the disaster prone. Therefore, although some companies are now building their sites around, the use of thermal energy is not yet used optimally. Well, another alternative is from the sun. It is actually quite effective. However, there are still lacks particularly when the weather is cloudy so that the sunshine cannot be absorbed well.

So, Is Thermal Energy Renewable?

is thermal energy renewable
Net Thermal Energy

By remembering that the thermal is sourced by such “immortal” things like the sun or the earth itself, we can just simply conclude that it is actually a kind of renewable resources. There is indeed a forecast that sun someday will lose this energy and become black hole or whatever. But sure, it will be happened like thousand years later.

Now, it is not something wrong then to say that it is renewable. However, so that we can use it optimally, it seems that we still need to do so many efforts. It is probably like how we can use the tectonic thermal even when it is far away from the crack location. Or, it is also about how we can take advantage of the thermal comes from sunshine even when it is cloudy, rainy, or snowy. So, this is the answer for question “is thermal energy renewable?”