Where is Solar Energy Found? Here, Let Us Check it Out!

Have You Wonder about the source of Solar Energy, and How It is Processed?

Where is Solar Energy Found? Here, Let Us Check it Out!

Not a few people already used solar energy as the source of their energy for their living. Many people also believed that solar energy is the energy that is able to support their need, because it comes from rays of the sun. However, not only a kid that asks where is the solar energy found, because there are not a few adult all over the world is confused about this short question. Therefore, in helping you to be more acknowledge and gain more knowledge, we are providing you with some best answers related to where solar energy is can be found. So, are you interested to know more? Let us check it out!

Where is Solar Energy Found
Where is Solar Energy Found

Solar energy, what is that?

Before get in touch with farther question and even answers, it is good for us to review our understanding. Particularly when it relates to the definition or even the use of solar energy. So, as we know, solar means sunlight, and energy is power. Therefore, we can conclude and learn that solar energy is an energy or even a power that need sunlight as their sources to generate the electricity or energy for human being’s living. For the processes, the sun generates energy, it sources in the core of the sun or usually known as nuclear fusion. In nuclear fusion, the sun is having the high pressure and temperature that later will cause hydrogen atoms and the central cores of the atoms will start to combine. The processes always work like that and later we know that solar energy as the conversion of sunrays into the electricity using PV or photovoltaics directly. It is also can be happened in the indirect process that is using concentrated solar power or usually known as CSP. As result, all of those processes and transmission is done into electricity that today is able to be used in every technologies. For instances; cellphones, solar heating, solar cooling, tablets, freezer, thermostats, lighting, and so on.

how is solar energy found
how is solar energy found

Then, where is the solar energy found?

Based on the previous explanation, we know that solar energy is absolutely found in the core of the sun that later is known as the nuclear fusion. Besides, it is also can be found in everywhere is sunshine or where the sun is always shine or in the daylight. As result, you do not have to be confused anymore because the answer is completely answered! Furthermore, we also found from many sources that we can conclude that solar energy is the energy that is previous and even always available as the sources for earth. It helps human being to be able generating the electricity.

In conclusion, we can say that solar energy is sunshine and where the sun is shining, it is called as the solar energy. It generates power for many people’s living and support them to undergo the life. So, are you already knew about solar energy right?

Answering Question Whether Solar Energy Renewable or Nonrenewable

Talking about renewable energy, many people often question: is solar energy renewable or nonrenewable? The answer of that question can be found down below. However, before we get to that matter, let us remember a bit of renewable energy and its importance.

Knowing that now we need greater power source to generate electricity, water cooling, water heating, air cooling, transportation, and so on, we cannot depend on non-renewable energy alone. We need to have something new that will never run out in the future. It is the renewable energy. Here is the answer of “is solar energy renewable or nonrenewable” and a bit information related to that.

1. Is Solar Energy Renewable or Non-renewable?

Solar is gained from sunlight. The term renewable is something that can be renewed over the time. Sunlight is of course coming from the sun. The sun will never go away, won’t it? This is why solar energy is totally renewable. There will always be sunlight today, tomorrow, next year, and basically forever. As long as we get the sunlight, the solar energy can keep being produced. This is why solar energy is one of the energy sources that seems to be most promising for the further generation.

We can see today that many industries are using solar panel to generate energy. Not only great industries, even small houses in the neighborhood are now starting using solar power. Solar power is powerful enough to generate electricity, water heating, and so on but in a good and healthy way.

2. Benefits of Using Solar Energy

Beside of being renewable, solar energy is also very affordable. Just by installing solar panel on the rooftop, we can gain tons of energy. They are enough energy to generate electricity and many other aspects. The best benefit of all is that solar energy does not damage the earth even further. All we do is maximizing what the sun has given us. Surely, it is one of the best thing we can do to keep the sustainable of the earth.

Solar energy is now getting more and more popular across the world. Today, almost 8% area of the earth is using solar electricity instead of the regular electricity. It is an amazing fact considering that solar electricity is not well-known for many people. However, it is a good work and we have to keep it up. So, what is the answer of “is solar energy renewable or nonrenewable”? It is totally a yes. Yes, solar energy is renewable for sure.

So that is about some short answer about whether the solar energy is renewable or not.

What is Solar Energy Used For?

Things You Need to Know About Today’s Energy!:

What is Solar Energy Used For?

With so many gadgets and even technologies that is produced by many companies all over the world, not a few people still do not know about today’s energy. Actually, it becomes our responsibility to learn and even to know about what is going on around us. One of them is particularly related to the energy that we needed all the times.

Besides, as the human being who is born and living in this 21st century era, we also have to know how to develop or even use and apply today’s innovation; especially things that save energy. For example is solar energy that is important and can be applied and support today’s technology, especially in order to save the energy that later can be used for our grandchildren. Is not right? Therefore, in acknowledging you with solar energy and even the function of its, we are going to help you with some precious information.

How far you understanding Solar Energy?

The first thing that you should need to know is about the definition of solar energy itself. So, what do you know about it? Solar energy is known as one of many renewable sources that is derived from the rays of the sun. Since it is the sun’s rays, it becomes the renewable one or usually known as the source that we use from the earth itself.

Alternatively, in another word, it is the natural resources such as; sunlight, wind, rain, geothermal tides, and so on that is able to generate the electricity. For the processes in generating the electricity, solar energy converts directly to the electricity through solar photovoltaic or usually popular as PV. In this process, solar energy is collected the reflective surfaces and then heat an object that will produces solar thermal energy. Moreover, after the electricity is able to work well, it can be used to power the lights, heaters, gadgets, and so on. About the function or even the used of solar energy, we are going to discuss it in the next section.

The used of Solar Energy Today

After knowing some information that you should know related to the solar energy, then you also have to know about the use of solar energy today. To generate the electricity, solar energy works through a transmission system that requires sunlight. It occurs only during the daylight times, so it will get the maximal results as the energy that later will produce the electricity. Furthermore, based on the brief explanations about it, solar energy can be derived based on the function or the usage.

For the first usage of solar system works by the help of solar panels. This energy from solar system is usually used to heat a building and house. Since it is used to heat building or house, it requires bigger panels. Moreover, not only can be used as solar heating, solar panels also can be used as solar cooling, but the price is much expensive. Other function of solar energy today is also can be used to develop the solar technology. It means that these technologies can be charger by solar power. Those devices are included; cell phones, music speakers, tablets, thermostats, solar dryers, solar visor radios, mini-fridges, best rechargeable flashlights, and so on.

In brief, based on the explanations, we can conclude that solar energy is beneficial for today’s era. The reason because there are many stuffs, technologies, and other supporting items that is helpful for us are using solar energy. In which it means that solar energy is able to save and used as the best the energy for living.

Two new Nevada solar projects announced this week

Apple will partner with NV Energy in Nevada Green Energy Rider program to build 20 megawatt solar farm in Yerington

“All of Apple’s data centers use 100 percent renewable energy, and we are on track to meet that goal in our new Reno data center using the latest in high-efficiency concentrating solar panels,” Apple said in a statement. “This project will not only supply renewable energy for our data center but also provide clean energy to the local power grid, through a first-of-its-kind partnership with NV Energy.”At the northern end of the state, Apple plans to build a 20 megawatt solar farm to power its new data center complex near Reno.

Apple plans to partner with NV Energy under NV Energy’s new voluntary green energy pricing program – called the Nevada Green Energy Rider (NGR) – that offers options for residential, commercial and industrial customers to meet up to 100% of their electrical needs through purchasing renewable energy.

Apple is expected to take part in the program under a special option that will allow large commercial or industrial customers to enter into special contracts with the utility that would dedicate new or existing renewable power from a specific facility directly to the customer. The solar array will be built next to the Ft. Churchill Generating Station, just north of Yerington.

Reno Gazette Journal article here

6.2 Megawatts on roof of Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, location of new Nevada solar project

Down in Las Vegas, MGM Resorts announced plans to build “one of the largest solar rooftop photovoltaic displays in the world” atop the Mandalay Bay Resort Convention Center. The 6.2-megawatt installation will produce around 20% of the resort’s power demand.

“Integrating environmentally responsible practices throughout our operations has been a key pillar in MGM Resorts’ strategic sustainability plan,” said Jim Murren, Chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts International. “Partnering with NRG Solar to install the solar rooftop at Mandalay Bay highlights a major milestone in our efforts to promote renewable energy and reduce our consumption of the planet’s limited resources.”

“MGM’s desire to advance environmental stewardship in support of a cleaner future speaks to the quality of the organization. At the same time, it’s an intelligent business decision. The new 20,000 panel solar rooftop array at Mandalay Bay will effectively enable the resort to lock in a substantial component of its energy costs at a very competitive rate,” said Tom Doyle, President and CEO of NRG Solar. “Our expectation is that other corporations will follow thought-leaders like MGM Resorts to protect our planet.”