Is Nuclear Energy Renewable or Nonrenewable

Simple Explanation about Nuclear Energy

The nuclear energy is the energy that had been in the nucleus (core) from an atom. Atom is the small particles that create up every object in this universe. The nuclear energy can be used to create the electricity. But, the energy should be release first. The released process can be done in 2 ways, they are: nuclear fusion and nuclear fission. In the nuclear fusion, the energy had released when the atoms were combined or fused together to form the bigger atom. This is how the sun is able to produce energy. In the nuclear fission, the atoms are broke apart into smaller atoms the released the energy. The nuclear power plants use the nuclear fission to produce all of the electricity.

Nuclear radiations and reactions

You may had known or wonder about is nuclear energy renewable or nonrenewable resources. We will find out later. We should know the nuclear reactions that involve in changes of atom and that able to cause a change inside the atom itself. There are 2 types of nuclear reaction. Firstly, the changes of radioactive decay of bonds inside the nucleus that emit the radiations then transform into more stable conditions. Secondly, the “billiard ball” reactions, where the nuclear particle was slammed by the another nuclear particle.

What are the advantages of nuclear?

The electricity generator through the nuclear energy is able to reduce the amount of energy that generated form the fossil fuels (coal and oil). The less usage of fossil fuels mans that decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions. Nowadays, the fossil fuel that had been consumed were grow rapidly than they are produced. So in the future, this resource may unable to access for most of populations, the other advantages is the required amount of fuels that needed.

Is the nuclear energy renewable or nonrenewable?

Is nuclear energy renewable or not
Nuclear Energy

You may wonder about is the nuclear energy renewable or nonrenewable? How we can use the nuclear for our population?  The nuclear energy was created by the mining and extracting uranium this process is so dangerous and able to give serious healthy problems fro the miners as well, including of lung cancer and uranium poisoning.

The amount of the recoverable uranium resources are limited, such as: oils and the other of fossil fuels. The Institute of Uranium had estimated that the existing attainable resources only able to fill the world current and the future for energy around 42 years. So, it cannot be classified as the renewable resources.