Is Geothermal Energy Reliable? These Are The Answers

In this article, Geothermal energy and it’s positive and negative externalities will be discussed at an economic standpoint. From that we would answer this Questions:

Is Geothermal Energy Reliable?

Renewable Energy is vital for our future of sustainability. Developing nations as well as ours uses coal and oil for a significant amount of energy production. This limited supply of fossil fuels does provide negative externalities, such as a coal which produce Air Pollutants. Some population Dense areas receive large amounts of air pollution and even acid rain from Heavy Reliance of fossil Fuels .

A. Economical Perspective of Geothermal Energy

economic advantage of geothermal energy
economic advantage of geothermal energy

The Cleaner alternative is Geothermal Energy. This form of clean energy is appealing at an environmental standpoint. Because it’s only required relatively small size of the physical plant for a geothermal facility and eliminating the need to Transport fuel. That means a small environmental impact and a small cost. These facilities must be built in areas with rift zones and natural geysers or hot springs.

In the economic sense, the low cost to operate this kind of facility and the efficiency of the energy production machines will well overcome the initial startup costs. That sounds appealing doesn’t it?

B. The Advantage of Geothermal Energy

Now let’s talk about why we should rely on it. Geothermal energy is nearly endless supply if managed properly. Geothermal hot Spots recharge at a quick rate. Besides, responsible extraction methods will prove beneficial for many years.

Unlike Solar Energy, which provides the peak amount of power during the daylight and a small amount during the night, geothermal provides a stable amount of energy regardless of the weather conditions.

Geothermal is also dependable and relatively inexpensive due to its facilities designs. The power is derived from steam pressure by introducing water to the Earth’s heat which is then used to turn a turbine. That channels energy to generators to store energy for a later time.

Reliability of Geothermal Energy
Reliability of Geothermal Energy

Increasing our investments into geothermal energy, and increasing our scales of operation will secure our energy future with the almost non-existent Carbon footprint of geothermal. Facilities federal compliance on emission regulations is relatively easy. Geothermal energy facilities as a primary energy provider would eliminate costs that are spent reducing pollution. Also, it could be redirected back for further development, and lowering utility costs to maximize the benefits of this clean energy.

State or federal governments can oversee the facilities to keep costs down or issue subsidies to consumers if owned by a private firm. If the state or federal government’s own the facility, consumers can receive a tax break to offset these costs of energy although already low.

The private firm that will be contracted in a competitive market will be the one who can supply the energy at the lowest cost. This competition will bring about an efficient and cost-effective way of energy supplication. The negative externality of breathing dirty air from coal plants will be eliminated and the ecosystem Will thrive.

Further benefits include multiple uses of these facilities in conjunction with the energy production. Agricultural crop, growing fish, farming ,and snow melting operations can also be activities that can happen with a nearby Geothermal Facility. So we could further maximize the benefits with little or no additional costs as Mentioned years he met with water creates steam.

C. Models of Geothermal Facility

models of geothermal facilities system
models of geothermal facilities system

Which is harnessed to power a turbine and store energy in a generator. This process holds true over the geothermal systems, but there are a couple of different variants in design.

The first type of geothermal facility is the dry steam power plant. It is the grandfather to all our more modern types. The dry steam model channels steamed directly to a turbine to provide power to the generator from a natural geyser or hot spring.

The next type is the flash team style. Which is the most commonly used today. This system is a bit more complex since water at high temperatures is pumped into a separate chamber that is at a lower temperature to create vapor that powers the turbine and generator.

The final system is a closed-loop binary system in. This system the fluid passes through a heat exchanger which will then convert the fluid to vapor that drives the turbine and generator. This process occurs in a separate chamber where the steam does not make direct contact with the generator.

These are the systems that have proven dependable to us.

D. United States Area that Can be Utilized with Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Hotspots in the United States
Geothermal Hotspots in the United States

This map of the United States displays the areas that can be utilized with geothermal energy productions. Among the most popular areas are rift zones in the western United States including

Idaho, which has a good amount of favorable locations for a facility. Several have already been built enter in operation as articulated by the black dots. The Western United States is the most favorable for these facilities, and the Eastern united States is among the least favorable.

It’s great to see that a part of the united States is producing and using clean geothermal energy. As the demand will continue to rise for the future as mentioned earlier. About the economic activities that can work in accordance with the geothermal facility.

Home and swimming pools can be heated as well. Geo summer facilities are stout promoters [of] efficient heating and cooling. Overall energy consumption for heating and cooling is reduced by [using] geothermal Systems because of their heat pumps being seventy percent more efficient than conventional systems.

E. Geothermal Energy Cost

The annual cost of heating and cooling are the lowest using geothermal at right around four hundred dollars. It is versus propane that can reach above twenty-five hundred dollars a year. The future of ever-growing energy consumption can be met by utilizing our nation’s natural geysers and hot springs for energy.

Geothermal is Reliable now till the future
Geothermal is Reliable now till the future

We are constantly striving to become more efficient and reducing costs. So why not use a clean dependable form of energy to do this? Geothermal energy has been used and successful since the early 1900s. The Geothermal’s improvements that have been made in the meantime have proved useful to our needs. Here’s to the future of clean renewable energy.

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