The Explanation of Clean Energy Sources and Clean Energy Fuels for Dummy

Renewable Clean Energy is The Future of Energy

Definition of Clean Energy

In the most general meaning, clean energy definition is similar to renewable energy.

There are some renewable energy sources and considered to be a friendly environmental that use the natural process. Several energy sources give the clean energy sources as the good alternative, helping to rip off the effects from the pollution. All of these power generations technique can describe as the renewable energy because they cannot deplete of any sources to produce the energy.

Although, we know that there are some huge scale of renewable energy source that had used for several projects, sometime in the most rural district use the renewable energy source that very essential in human life. That’s why, it’s important to develop clean energy bonds.

Now, What is the clean energy source?

Most of our electricity had been derived from the power plant which uses the fossil fuels, such as: coils and oils. The power plant burns the fossil fuels to produce electricity and these all processes cause the greenhouse gas that will able damage our environment. This is including of carbon dioxide and methane. This is why they were called as the dirt source energy.

Geothermal clean energy source
One of the clean energy source: Geothermal

These greenhouse gas can cause the Earth’s atmosphere becomes warm which some scientists had warned us that there is the climate changes in our Earth. This things more adjustable that able to cause the extreme climate, spreading thme disease and threat the habitat of all creatures.

The Example of Clean Energy Sources

So, clean energy sources is contain of very few or zero pollution. Of course, they also renewable and can be used again and again.

The top 3 of renewable clean energy sources:

1. The Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

The Compressed Natural Gas or CNG is the substitute of fossil fuels for gasoline, propane fuel or diesel. Although, the burning process does not cause the greenhouse gas, this is the cleaner alternative which more friendly environment for those fuels and more safe than the other fuels as well. CNG used for internal gasoline which uses the traditional gasoline internal combustion machine that had been converted into the bi-fuel or CNG.

2. Biomass.
The biomass can be as the renewable source that uses the living and recently dead of biological that can be used for the fuel or for the industrial production as well. in this context, the biomass referred to produce the electricity or produce, such as: dead wood, branches, yard clipping, etcwhich used for the fiber production.

3. Geothermal.
Geothermal is the powerful ways and efficient to convert the renewable energy from the Earth through the natural process.

That’s is about short introduction of clean energy. We also need to research about present clean energy facts to receive more understanding about clean energy prospect.

And also, see this interesting-mindblowing video about 10 top clean energy of the future:

Clean Energy Renewable Fuels

Create the Friendly Environmental with Clean Energy fuels

We also need to know how the clean energy is used. One of the trending issue of clean energy use is Clean Energy Renewable Fuels. Although, the clean energy fuels is still in development, it is already used in many things.

To substitute the pollutant fuels, such as: diesel and petrol, the cleaner alternative fuels were being developed. They incusing of : liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), city diesel hydrogen, alcohol fuels, compressed natural gas (CNG) and use the battery to operate the vehicles. Clean energy fuels can be the best alternative ways to make our environment cleaner.

Clean Energy fuels
How clean energy add value to us

In the crowd of urban society, whether the CNG and LPG are still have the lower emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) than the vehicles that used the petrol powered. Indeed, the emition of carbon monoxide from the CNG powered for vehicles were the same orders as these emitted by the diesel vehicles.

However, the emissions from hydrocarbons in CNG vehicles were relatively high because the methane that becomes the main component from the natural gas. The methane gas is small contributor for the lower level of forming ozone that becomes the main factor of global warming, however, is still better and lower than the diesel vehicles that give more damage pollution for the Earth’s atmosphere.

The Example of Clean Energy Fuels

There are several clean energy fuels which are available:

1. The biodiesel.
Biodiesel s the renewable fuels that made from the vegetable oil, the animal fats, reused of cooking oil, the corps of seed and even the algae that also able to make this biodiesel. This is a pour and go of biodiesel technology which easier to blend with the petroleum diesel and can be used fro the diesel machine as well.

The biodiesel reduce the particles, carbon monoxide, the unburned of hydrocarbon tailpipe from emissions and sulfur dioxide. This is also able to reduce the greeenhouse emission in overall. This is also becomes the clean energy fuels that can be used as the alternative

2. Electric and hybrid vehicles.
The electric vehicle is not new invention, which had been built in 1828. Nowadays, there are some of them that available for consumers. The hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) has 2 machine in internal combustion machine and the electric motor.

This HEV vehicles is more fuel efficiency than the conventional vehicles. This is because the HEV vehicles do not use the tailpipe emission and do not produce the tailpipe emissions as well.

3. Ethanol.
Ethanol is the fuels that made by the fermenting organic materials, such as: grains, crop, the forest waste and corn. This is can be used for the flexible fuel vehicles or FFV that able to utilize this ethanol.