Interesting Renewable Energy Facts That You Need To Know

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In this article we will present you abou some renewable energy facts that need to be considered. Not just that, but we also talk about renewable energy definition and the disadvantages of renewable energy.

A. Renewable Energy Definition

Explaining Renewable Energy Definition

Many people these days want to know renewable energy definition. It is because in this time of energy crisis, we need a breakthrough. We need a new source of energy that will not run out and will not damage the environment any further. This is why renewable energy sources needed.

Thankfully, today we have the renewable energy sources that can be used basically forever and ensure a good future for our next generation. Below is more information about renewable energy including the explanation of renewable energy definition.

1. The Definition of Renewable Energy Definition

Renewable energy can be defined as the source of energy gained from something that will never run out. The source of energy, which is “renewable” is basically collected from natural resources that naturally renewable. There are several obvious example of this kind of energy resource.

The first example is sunlight or solar energy. Using sunlight to generate power and electricity is common these days. The sunlight will never run out. This is why solar power is called renewable. The source of power is not going to get rare at all.

Second of all, we have wind. Using wind to generate power and electricity is also common. Wind is also something natural that will never go away for good. As long as the earth spins around, there will always be wind and we can always use it to generate energy. Beside of sunlight and wind, other examples of renewable energy source are including geothermal heat, rain, waves, and tides.

2. The Importance of Renewable Energy

Some people may argue why renewable energy is that important. Well, actually, renewable energy is incredibly essential these days, especially when the regular energy sources like petrol is going to get rarer from time to time. Renewable energy sources can be used to provide energy in many important areas. Among them are in the electricity generation, transportation, and water cooling or heating.

3. Why Renewable Energy is Needed

The major reason why renewable energy is needed is because they will never go away or not even get rarer from time to time. Unlike petrol, for example, sunlight and wind are not going to stop being produced. As long as the earth works regularly, there will always be sunlight and wind. It will guarantee a secure future for the next generation.

Now that you know the renewable energy definition and you know how important it is, you will never take renewable energy for granted. It is because now you know the role of the renewable energy for the future generation.

B. Renewable Energy Facts

renewable energy facts

Interesting Facts about the Renewable Energy

The renewable energy is the energy that able to regenerative or for all the practical purposes. This renewable energy becomes the virtually inexhaustible. These all including of solar energy, hydropower, the wind energy, biomass (that derived from plant), ocean energy and the geothermal energy (the heat that derived from earth).

The renewable technology is able to provide the energy for heating and cooling of buildings, fuels for the transportations, electric generator and heat that useful for the industrial processes. The increasing use of renewable energy can decrease burning of fossil fuels, such as: coal, natural gas and petroleum that also able to eliminate the air pollution and the carbon dioxide emissions.

The renewable energy is also able to contribute for the national energy independence and economic-political security as well. There are several interesting renewable energy facts that will be a good sign for future population.

The major types that used the renewable energy sources.

As you know that the Biomass is including of wood, agricultural crops, municipal refuse, residues, manufacturing waste, human and livestock manure, etc. This is can be used to heat the home and buildings, result the electricity and fuels for transportations. Wood and paper manufacturer use the biomass residues to process the heat and electricity production.

The other is geothermal systems that ha created from the deep beneath of the earth surface that tapped to produce he electricity within 22 countries in around the world, some of them are Philippines, US, Iceland, Italy, etc. This is also renewable energy facts that you should know.

The Hydropower also becomes the major usage of renewable energy source.  the Hydropower had been produced from the flowing water that passed trough the hydropower turbines. This is becomes the superior of renewable energy source that give the contribution around 9% from the electricity generator in the US.

Most of the Hydropower had produced in the large dams.
Several interesting facts about renewable energy resources.
There are a lot of renewable energy facts that essential to know. In the 200 BC, the peoples in China use the windmills to pump the water and grind their grains. But, there is more further expected a well. The researcher had found that the sun rays able to store in a special salt and used at the night. The power plant in Spain had soaked up the sun during the day and result the seven hours power electricity that used in surrounding area.

C. Disadvantages of Renewable Energy

disadvantages of renewable energy

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Renewable Energy

The renewable energy describes the technology of energy collection, such as: wind, geothermal that came from the source which is never ending then can be replenished from time to time. Most of the countries in around the world really depend on fossil fuel, such as: oil, coal andgas as the energy source for their economies.

Fossil fuels are the non renewable energy.  This is means that they use limited resources that will ultimately exploit, hence the energy costs will increase as well. Several countries had responded to the threat by increasing the campaigns to embrace the renewable energy, such as: wind and solar. However, there are several advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy.

Advantages of Renewable Energy

There are several advantages of renewable energy.

1. The renewable energy source is very eco friendly.

This is the clean energy sources that means has the lower or zero carbon from the greenhouse emission. The fossil fuels give the high level of greenhouse and carbon dioxide that give the contribution for global warming. Solar and wind energy were considered as the eco friendly sources because emit the zero toxic gas for the environment. Using the renewable energy can decrease dramatically of fossil fuels usage as the energy source and cut off the air pollution.

2. Renewable energy becomes the reliable energy source.

As we know that over reliance on fossil fuels can cause several issues that happened in our environment. Although there are several argues that the solar and wind energy are unreliable, the solid infrastructure will broke  this arguments, if the solar and wind plants are distributed to the wider geographic location, there will be minimum electricity generation interruption because the weather distruption in certain or one location cannot be same with another locations.

Disadvantages of Renewable Energy

There are several disadvantages of renewable energy:

1. The electricity generator capacity is not enough.

There are several challenges to generate large amount of renewable energy technology than compared with the fossil fuels. Currently, the fossil fuels produce the large amount of electricity. This is means that we need to provide the other facilities to match up with the growing demand or we can reduce our energy consumption.

2. The lower efficiency levels.

The renewable technology is still far away from the market. This is means that they still less efficiency than the much needed. This is can cause several problems and the investors do not brave enough to invest their money that cannot get returns in faster time.

That’s the introduction of renewable energy definition, renewable energy facts, and its disadvantegs. Hope it added you information.

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