The Definition of Wind Energy for Dummy

In this article we will define wind energy. And further, we will also talk about wind energy pros and cons. And also its comparation with solar energy.

A. Define Wind Energy

Define wind energy

How to Define Wind Energy

To define wind energy, we can start by safely saying that the wind energy is the energy source coming from the wind. Wind energy is totally a renewable source of energy that will never run out from time to time. The wind itself has been used to generate power since the ancient time. It has the power to move something big. Say for example, you can take a look at a ship in the sea.

The wind is blowing the ship and it moves easily. You can also see it on the windmill. The windmill solely uses the energy from the wind to spin the mill and operate it. Below you will see more information to add the wind energy.

1. Why Wind Energy Source is Renewable?

After we define wind energy, we need to know why wind is considered as renewable. Wind is a totally renewable source of energy because it is a natural source. Wind occurs because of the airflows between the low and the high area of the earth. It will never stop as long as the earth keeps spinning round. That is why wind is renewable since it is never going to run out.

Wind can be used to generate electricity as well as powering water heating, water cooling, and so on. That is why wind seems to be one of the best source of energy we can have in the future.

2. Wind Energy to Create Wind-Generated Electricity

Airflows from the wind can be definitely used to generate electricity. That is why wind-generated electricity is now quite common in the world. In 2015, wind-generated electricity was in the number of more than 63 GW It was enough to generate the electricity in a small city.

The wind-generated electricity is created from the cube of the wind speed. As the speed increasing, the output power will get bigger and bigger. Also in 2015, wind-generated electricity met almost 4% of the need of global electricity demand. It is the evidence that wind-generated electricity has great impact.

Today, many areas in the world including in China, Europe, US, and Canada has the leading source of wind-generated electricity. More than 40% people in the area living with wind-generated electricity as well.

We did define wind energy quite well above. Now, you also know its related news including about wind-generated electricity. Considering that wind is a great source of energy, from now on you should never take it for granted anymore. It is important for the good of the people around the world.

B. Wind Energy Pros and Cons

pros and cons wind energy

Wind Energy Pros and Cons You Should Know

Like solar energy, wind energy becomes the most popular energy that is loved and even applied by many people in the world. Particularly since wind energy is easy to use, but it is able to generate the electricity and even fulfill human being’s needed. However, wind energy also has some pros and cons that people are cannot avoid.

Particularly, since we know that there are many people who already applied wind energy in their places as the great source for them to support the electricity. Therefore, these cases becomes the bigger problem from time to times, so in helping you to get to know about today’s issues we are providing you with some ideas related to the pros and cons of wind energy that you should know. So, let us check them out. Here they are!

Why is it good to apply wind energy?

The first idea that we are going to discuss is related to the reason why wind energy is good to support our electricity, especially as the enormous resources. However, we also have to know first the steps why wind energy is able to produce electricity. The first reason is related to the wind’s existence that later is developed as the energy by using wind turbine that is consisted of propellers. The propellers is functioned as the connector to the generator and later it is used to generate electricity.

The processes will work after the wind passes the turbines that will moves the blades and spins the shaft, as the wind passes to these parts it will produces the electricity that needed by us. Consequently, since wind energy is founded many people try to have wind turbines around their house in order to support their electricity.

Especially since they know that wind turbine is clean source of power or usually known as the energy that does not pollute the air or even does not bring the bad chemicals. They also love to apply wind turbines, since it is renewable source, cost effective, can be used in rural areas as the source power for farms, and it is also supports the developing of technologies.

And, why Wind Energy could be not good?

Different from the pros of wind energy, not a few people think that it is harmful and even bad for them. The reason because they think that it is too noisy and will be visual pollution for the people who are living next or around to it. Some people also believed that wind energy is dangerous for wildlife, especially birds. Not only dangerous for animals, it is also bad for the environment.

The reason is because when you are planning to build it up, it means you have to chop down the trees and minimalize the green area around you. Another cons issues is related to the safety of the people, especially when it occurs storms and high winds that will damage the blades of the wind turbines and probably fall down to the people who are working and living around it.

In brief, wind energy is having pros and cons. It is now becomes your job, whether you want to agree to the cons or the pros. The one thing that you should remember is everything is good, but it depends on which sides you are.

C. Solar Energy Vs. Wind Energy

Solar Energy vs Wind Energy

Which is Better of Power Source: Solar vs Wind

Wind and solar become the heavy hitter from the renewable energy. They made a good job, they reduce the pollution, they provide the power for the populations and supply the power for the most rural district in the world.

We all knew that solar and wind become the green energy’s superior producers that can cut off our dependence of using fossil fuels. Some poples may wonder which is better within them. The solar energy vs wind energy, then which one is better for you? Which one is more effective? However, it is not easy conclusion. You should know further about there source energies.

What is the wind energy?

Actually, the wind energy is form of the solar energy. When the sun’s radiation heats the Earth’s in the irregulate surface, the hot air will rise and the cold water is settles. The differences from the atmosphere pressure can create the wind that also a kinetic or the based of motion from the energy.

The wind turbines catch the kinetic energy. When the wind is blowing over the turbines blade, the generator will change the energy from the blades becomes the mechanic energy that can be changed into power to pump the water, grind the grain or supply the power for buildings.

What is the solar energy?

The solar energy is the sun‘s radiation which had been reached the Earth. When the sun ‘s rays hit the photivaltic or PV cells that placed inside the solar panels then these cells will change the sun radiations into the power electricity. The process is quite simple than wind energy.

The Pros and Cons between wind and solar energy:

1. The wind energy (Pros):

  • The wind can be used during day and night.
  • The wind turbines are able to produce more power electricity than the solar pannel.
  • The wind turbines is very less pollution than use the solar panels.
  • The wind farm is able to generate the power in the huge scales.
  • The wind turbine can be placed in the offshore.

2. Wind Energy Cons:

  • The wind turbines may so noisy.
  • The wind turbines may do not suit for populated area.
  • The wind becomes unpredictable energy source.
  • The wind turbines can damage the flying wildlife.

3. The solar energy (Pros):

  • The solar farms are able to generate the huge scale.
  • The solar panels do not give noisy.
  • The solar more predictable.

4. Solar energy Cons:

  • Cannot be produced in the night or certain session.
  • More expensive.

That’s the short introduction about defining wind energy, its pros and cons, and the comparation to solar energy. Hope it added you information.

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