The Definition of Wind Energy for Dummy

In this article we will define wind energy. And further, we will also talk about wind energy pros and cons. And also its comparation with solar energy. A. Define Wind Energy How to Define Wind Energy To define wind energy, we can start by safely saying that the wind energy is the energy source coming from […]

What is Solar Energy Used For?

Things You Need to Know About Today’s Energy!: What is Solar Energy Used For? With so many gadgets and even technologies that is produced by many companies all over the world, not a few people still do not know about today’s energy. Actually, it becomes our responsibility to learn and even to know about what […]

The Explanation of Clean Energy Sources and Clean Energy Fuels for Dummy

Renewable Clean Energy is The Future of Energy Definition of Clean Energy In the most general meaning, clean energy definition is similar to renewable energy. There are some renewable energy sources and considered to be a friendly environmental that use the natural process. Several energy sources give the clean energy sources as the good alternative, helping to rip off […]

Get Ready for Crescent Dunes

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) project in Tonopah slated to open this year Concentrating solar power uses fields of mirrors to reflect sunlight onto a structure in which the solar heat is  collected to generate electricity. Unlike the more common photovoltiac (PV) solar energy technology – the kind found on rooftops – CSP has the capacity […]

So you want to buy green power

So you want to buy green power. You might want to live more sustainably. You might want to do your part to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. Your small business might be undertaking a sustainability initiative to enhance your company’s value and market position. You might want to break free from the grid. Whatever […]