Is China Really the Leader in Green Energy?

Human caused Global Warming is basically an accepted fact in most parts of the World. But one of the biggest polluters has just announced they’re backing out of the agreement. Can you guess who that is? That’s right. It’s us. Or the U.S., if you’re not us. And while that will be catastrophic for the […]

Is Geothermal Energy Reliable? These Are The Answers

In this article, Geothermal energy and it’s positive and negative externalities will be discussed at an economic standpoint. From that we would answer this Questions: Is Geothermal Energy Reliable? Renewable Energy is vital for our future of sustainability. Developing nations as well as ours uses coal and oil for a significant amount of energy production. […]

Is Thermal Energy Renewable?

Is Thermal Energy Renewable? Is thermal energy renewable? This question is probably often asked nowadays. Yes, with some issues spreading currently particularly related to other energy sources like gasoline which are already limited, it seems that human may need to think about the alternatives. The thermal energy is basically a sort of energy which is […]

Is Nuclear Energy Renewable or Nonrenewable

Simple Explanation about Nuclear Energy The nuclear energy is the energy that had been in the nucleus (core) from an atom. Atom is the small particles that create up every object in this universe. The nuclear energy can be used to create the electricity. But, the energy should be release first. The released process can be done […]