Is China Really the Leader in Green Energy?

Human caused Global Warming is basically an accepted fact in most parts of the World. But one of the biggest polluters has just announced they’re backing out of the agreement. Can you guess who that is? That’s right. It’s us. Or the U.S., if you’re not us. And while that will be catastrophic for the […]

Students Create Zero Carbon Emission Solar Car

A team of engineers in India believe solar power is the future of car design. Dhiraj says that the solar car is very special because, one, it runs on zero carbon emission, so there is no pollution while you’re running this car. At the same time the kind of fuel we need is sun, so it […]

4 Cool Ways Geothermal Heating & Cooling for Home Works

What if geothermal systems could heat your home in winter, cool it in summer, and provide abundant hot water all year round, all while cutting your utility bills up to 80? How? By installing a Geothermal central heating and air conditioning system in your home. A. How does Geothermal Heating and Cooling Work Here’s how it […]